Ulwazi means place of learning in Zulu and this is the ethos of the Ulwazi Research Programme at Thanda Safari, a private game reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Thanda Safari’s vision from the outset has been to advance conservation on the property by restoring the balance between the  wildlife populations, natural habitats and ecological processes. To achieve this, the experienced wildlife and ecology team consults with leading researchers. All conservation and management decisions are based on thorough, in-depth research.

Thanda Safari partners with a number of leading conservation organisations worldwide, which require research to be undertaken, and data to be collected and collated on the reserve. Thanda Safari also has relationships with several universities whose academics and postgraduate students pursue research on the reserve.

Please take a look at our Your Role as Volunteer Research Assistant or Research Intern  to see how you can be part of our Research Projects as research assistant.

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