New cheetahs to Thanda!

Last week two male cheetahs arrived to Thanda. They were released into a boma where they are going to stay for a couple of months until they are used to the environment. What is also quite interesting about these males are that they are not brothers and we are therefor try to bond them in to make them stick together when released which would improve the chance of survival.

Cheetahs are beautiful and interesting animals but because they are slimmer and food competition for other predators they have natural enemies such as lions and hyenas. One way of protecting themselves from these dangers are by hunting during the day compared to both leopards, hyenas and lions that hunts during the night. The cheetahs usually eat their food fast and abandon the carcass quickly to make sure that they are not surprised by lions who tries to steal their food.

We are very excited that we have two new cheetahs and we can’t wait for them to be released so they can enjoy our reserve.

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